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Crayon Sketches

Here are twenty drawings, all untitled, all completed in consumer wax crayon on newsprint, all measuring 9 x 12 inches, all requiring two to three hours of work (give or take).

I hesitate to call these portraits because — with one exception — none were based on real people. These are sketches. Although I approached each as a complete, realized drawing, they came to life in my sketchbook while on the train, at drink-n-draws, at home, and at 30,000 feet. These are experiments: attempts to challenge myself, practice my technique, and hopefully improve my art bit by bit. Unlike with “real drawings” which are always accompanied by anxiety, my sketchbook provides a safe place where I can draw freely, make mistakes, accept them and move on (which is especially convenient because you can’t erase crayon).

But mistakes and all, I value these drawings as tiny triumphs in my continued crayon journey. I hope you find something remarkable in them too.

Why crayon?

Crayon is a terrible medium: you can’t erase, they break easy, you can hardly layer, and if you stick to the classic eight-pack (as I do), you only get a handful of colors. So why do it? To be kitschy? Yes, that’s one of the reasons. Another is that its shortcomings make for fun challenges. Yet another is that crayon lends itself to bright, bold and colorful work, which is right in my wheelhouse.

But the primary reason I use crayon is because it’s cheap. The cost of an eight-pack is around a buck. Compare that to the high price of other art tools which can rival what I pay in rent. Using crayons saves me money, but it’s about more than me being cheap. I work in crayon because I want to show that you don’t need to be rich to make art. You don’t need expensive tools or premium canvases or speciality imported markers or brushes made from endangered alpaca pubic hair. You can make a dope drawing right now with what you have around you - chewed-up pens, old and dull Ticonderogas, printer paper, a scrap of cardboard, and if you have a dollar, crayons. Art is for everyone, and don’t let any fucker make you feel any different. I’ll say it again: Art is for everyone. That means me, that means you, so go draw something. You have all the tools you’ll ever need.

— Andres Burruel

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Andres Burruel is an independent artist working in visual art, comics and music. He prefers cheap and accessible drawing tools like crayon, pencil and sharpie. He lives in Chicago, IL.

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